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All your baby-family related graphic needs
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27th-Jun-2008 05:43 pm(no subject)
[Random] Rebel Bliitz
Just a lil FYI a few members have been removed temporarily until they provide valid salutes.


9th-Feb-2008 04:23 pm(no subject)
Alright there are 8 people who dont have the community friended. Friending the community is a community rule. I will give you a day or so to friend the community. If you dont you'll be removed. Once you friend the community you may re-join.

31st-Jan-2008 05:40 pm - Promo Contest!!!
[Comm] Baby_Graphix mod/maker

-Have your friends reply to this post saying you sent them.
-Have your friends request to join after saying you sent them.
-Contest will end Feb.15th (2weeks)

1st place- 4 custom graphics & a winners banner.
2nd place- 3 custom graphics & a winners banner.
3rd place- 2 custom graphics.

Promo Banner:

(you may hotlink this banner for promo's only)

Check out baby_graphix!
Tell Denise HERE that I sent you!

Promo Code:

New Members:
-Please comment on this post saying who sent you.
-Dont forget to comment with the new members form here ALSO.

Entries so far...
daynavon - 1
jennlynnfs - 1
shadiggy - 1
jrs8momma7 - 2
15th-Apr-2007 12:57 am - Welcome....

Welcome to the Community!!!


Please make sure you fill in the FORM on the USER INFO , BEFORE joining the
Community. If you don't do, you will not be approved.

A salute is a photo of you are your child together with something
showing that you are username "blah blah".
So taking a pic of you and your child with a sign for example "moof_mum @ livejournal".
( if  you dont do a salute you will be rejected right away )

If you are pregnant, TTC or have lost a child. You are still welcome to join. Please just explain your cicrumstance in your application.
( Pregnant Momma's can do a salute of them their preggie Belly :P )

This is a rule in the community due to the increase of fake LJ Moms out there who cant do the right thing.

Welcome to the Community. We hope you really enjoy it here :)

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